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<phrase>AppArmor</phrase> Profile Repositories
<phrase>AppArmor</phrase> ships with a set of profiles enabled by default. These are created by the <phrase>AppArmor</phrase> developers, and are stored in <filename>/etc/apparmor.d</filename>. In addition to these profiles, <phrase role="productname"><phrase os="osuse">openSUSE Leap</phrase><phrase os="sles">SUSE Linux Enterprise Server</phrase><phrase os="sled">SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop</phrase></phrase> ships profiles for individual applications together with the relevant application. These profiles are not enabled by default, and reside under another directory than the standard <phrase>AppArmor</phrase> profiles, <filename>/etc/apparmor/profiles/extras</filename>.
The <phrase>AppArmor</phrase> tools (YaST, <command>aa-genprof</command> and <command>aa-logprof</command>) support the use of a local repository. Whenever you start to create a new profile from scratch, and there already is an inactive profile in your local repository, you are asked whether you want to use the existing inactive one from <filename>/etc/apparmor/profiles/extras</filename> and whether you want to base your efforts on it. If you decide to use this profile, it gets copied over to the directory of profiles enabled by default (<filename>/etc/apparmor.d</filename>) and loaded whenever <phrase>AppArmor</phrase> is started. Any further adjustments will be done to the active profile under <filename>/etc/apparmor.d</filename>.