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MicroOS_features->update->description ### Transactional Updates

#### Unique
By using btrfs with snapshots MicroOS uses a very space
efficient way to store the file system's history. All the configuration
files in `/etc` are part of the snapshot and the rollback.

#### Flexible
* No new package format is needed, use standard openSUSE RPMs
* No size limitation, neither for partitions nor the operating system
* Easy to enhance
checksum Checksum
choosing_media_p1 The Offline Image is typically recommended as it contains most of the
packages available in the distribution and does not require a network
connection during the installation.
choosing_media_p2 The Network Image is recommended for users who have limited
bandwidth on their internet connections, as it will only download the
packages they choose to install, which is likely to be significantly
less than 4.7GB.
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download buttons is currently broken. To circumvent this issue, right click the download
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$bug on GitHub, please let the maintainers know this affects you.
desktop_tumbleweed_p1 For Developers, openSUSE Contributors, Gamers and Linux/FOSS Enthusiasts
desktops_p1 The openSUSE contribution process empowers desktop development for
everybody, so you have the choice to pick your favourite one in the
installer. We actively feature three desktop environments, and offer
even more in the expanded software view within the installer.
gnome_cd GNOME LiveCD
installation_p1 The openSUSE Installation process provides you with all the options
you would possibly need. Want to install your system with mouse and
keyboard? Load up the installer in graphical mode. Don't have a mouse
on hand? Enable the terminal client and install it that way. Don't have
physical access to the machine? Connect to the installer remotely and
get on with the installation. It's that simple.
jeos_images JeOS
kde_cd KDE LiveCD
leap_switch_p1 If you’re already running openSUSE you can upgrade by booting from the
DVD/USB and choosing upgrade, or carry out an ‘Online Upgrade’ in a few
metalink Metalink
network_desc Downloads the installation system and all packages from online
repositories. Suitable for installation or upgrade.
offline_desc Contains a large collection of software for desktop or server use.
Suitable for installation or upgrade.
openstack_image OpenStack-Cloud
pine_image Pine64
points_free_p1 Packages in the distributions are divided into free and non-free
repositories. Don't want to use non-free packages? You can easily
disable the non-free repository. It's your choice, not ours.
points_transparent_p1 From start to finish, every package which goes into the distributions
has all of its sources and build scripts openly visible for everyone
to see. Doubtful of a source? Just check it out on the build service.
points_welcoming_p1 We try our best to please the community, and we can only make this
happen when the community is vocal about what they need. That's why we
ensure contributing is as easy as possible.