Key English
metalink Metalink
checksum Checksum
offline_desc Contains a large collection of software for desktop or server use.
Suitable for installation or upgrade.
network_desc Downloads the installation system and all packages from online
repositories. Suitable for installation or upgrade.
vmware_image VMware
vmware_vmx_image VMware VMX
vagrant_image Vagrant
rpi_image RaspberryPi
pine_image Pine64
openstack_image OpenStack-Cloud
virtualbox_image VirtualBox
ports_images Ports
ports_info Ports of openSUSE Leap to architectures other than the PC are
maintained by separate community teams, with limited resources.
jeos_images JeOS
gnome_cd GNOME LiveCD
kde_cd KDE LiveCD
xfce_cd Xfce LiveCD
tumbleweed_live_info Please be aware of the following limitations of the live images:
* They should not be used to install or upgrade Tumbleweed. Please use the [Tumbleweed media](/tumbleweed) instead
* They have a limited package and driver selection, so cannot be considered an accurate reflection as to whether Tumbleweed will work on your hardware or not
choosing_media_p1 The Offline Image is typically recommended as it contains most of the
packages available in the distribution and does not require a network
connection during the installation.
choosing_media_p2 The Network Image is recommended for users who have limited
bandwidth on their internet connections, as it will only download the
packages they choose to install, which is likely to be significantly
less than 4.7GB.