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English Chinese (China) (zh_CN)
Boot continues in 10 sec 于 10 秒内继续引导
Enter LUKS passphrase 请输入 LUKS 密码
Do you accept the license agreement ? 您接受许可协议吗?
Do you want to start the System-Recovery ? 您希望开始系统修复吗?
Do you want to start the System-Restore ? 您希望开始系统恢复吗?
Restoring base operating system... 正在恢复基础操作系统...
Destroying ALL data on %1, continue ? 下面操作会销毁 %1 上的全部数据,继续吗?
Clean sweep... 深度清理...
%1 files from %2 restored... 从 %2 中恢复了 %1 个文件...
backing up: %1... 正在备份:%1...
archiving: %1... 正在存档:%1...
restoring: %1... 正在恢复:%1...
Cancel 取消
Exit 退出
Bootloader installation has failed 引导加载器安装失败
The system will not be able to reboot. Please make sure to fixup and install the bootloader before next reboot. Check /var/log/ for details 系统将无法重新引导。请确保在下次重启前修复并安装好引导加载器。细节请查阅 /var/log/
Please remove the CD/DVD before reboot 请在重启前弹出 CD/DVD