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Docker Networking
The docker-proxy binary used by Docker that provides Docker with libnetwork support.
Golang autocompletion files for Emacs
Emacs autocompletion for the Go programming language.

Add the following to your emacs-config:

```lisp (require 'go-autocomplete) ; load go autocompletion backend ```
A Go based command line tool for exercism.io
The CLI provides a way to do the problems on exercism.io.
Tool to converts markdown into man pages
Tool to converts markdown into man pages.
An autocompletion daemon for the Go programming language
Gocode is a helper tool which is intended to be integrated with your source code editor such as vim or emacs. It uses a client-server architecture for caching purposes (hence "daemon") and provides context-sensitive autocompletion.
Reverse proxy designed for Prometheus exporters
Squid Prometheus Exporter
Exports squid metrics in Prometheus format
Convert markdown into man pages
Libnetwork provides a native Go implementation for connecting containers

The goal of libnetwork is to deliver a robust Container Network Model that provides a consistent programming interface and the required network abstractions for applications.
Leveled execution logs for Go
This is a pure Go implementation of leveled logs in the manner of the C++ package google-glog.
A small utility which generates Go code from any file
This package converts any file into manageable Go source code. Useful for embedding binary data into a go program. The file data is optionally gzip compressed before being converted to a raw byte slice.

It comes with a command line tool in the go-bindata sub directory. This tool offers a set of command line options, used to customize the output being generated.
PTY interface for Go