English Kabyle
Misc. Proprietary Packages Paquets
Proprietary Software _Aseɣẓan
Documentation Tasemlit
32-Bit Runtime Environment Tawennaḍt n uselkem 32 ibiten
Base Technologies Azadur
The 32bit pattern complementing base. Sekyed taneɣruft n unhaz adasil
Graphical Environments Tiwennaḍin tudlifin
Console Tools Console
Help and Support Documentation Tallelt d usalel
Enhanced Base System Anagraw Azadur
Software Management Asefrek n iseɣẓanen
Transactional Base System Anagraw Azadur
Tests for the Update Stack Aucun test trouvé!
X Window System Anagraw X Windows
Graphics Udlifen
Desktop Functions Bureau
Laptop Tabaṭrit n uselkim ufus
Multimedia Agetmedia
Technical Writing Yettaru
C/C++ Development C/C++ IDE