English Kabyle
Misc. Proprietary Packages Paquets
Packages that are proprietary and not under an Open Source license
Proprietary Software _Aseɣẓan
Packages that are proprietary and not under an Open Source license.
Documentation Tasemlit
32-Bit Runtime Environment Tawennaḍt n uselkem 32 ibiten
This will install the 32-bit variant of all selected patterns. This allows to execute 32-bit software.
Base Technologies Azadur
AppArmor is an application security framework that provides mandatory access control for programs. It protects from exploitation of software flaws and compromised systems. It offers an advanced tool set that automates the development of per-program application security without requiring additional knowledge.
The 32bit pattern complementing apparmor.
Minimal Base System Anagraw Azadur
This is the base runtime system. It contains only a minimal multiuser booting system. For running on real hardware, you need to add additional packages and pattern to make this pattern useful on its own.
The 32bit pattern complementing base. Sekyed taneɣruft n unhaz adasil
Minimal Base System (alias pattern for base) Sekyed taneɣruft n unhaz adasil
A very basic desktop (previously part of x11 pattern)
This pattern installs a rather basic desktop (icewm)
Graphical Environments Tiwennaḍin tudlifin
Console Tools Console
Applications useful for those using the console and no graphical desktop environment.