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Open Source OCR Engine
A commercial quality OCR engine originally developed at HP between 1985 and 1995. In 1995, this engine was among the top 3 evaluated by UNLV. It was open-sourced by HP and UNLV in 2005. From 2007 it is developed by Google.
First-person shooter with cooperative in-game map editing
Tesseract is a first-person shooter game focused on instagib deathmatch and capture-the-flag gameplay as well as cooperative in-game map editing.

Tesseract is based on Cube2/Sauerbraten. New rendering features include fully dynamic omnidirectional shadows, global illumination, HDR lighting, deferred shading and morphological/temporal/multisample anti-aliasing.
Data files for Tesseract
This package provides the data files for the Tesseract game.
Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine Development files
This package contains development files for the Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine.
Afrikaans Traineddata for Tesseract
The Afrikaans traineddata for Tesseract.
Albanian Traineddata for Tesseract
The Albanian traineddata for Tesseract.
Amharic Traineddata for Tesseract
The Amharic traineddata for Tesseract.
Arabic Traineddata for Tesseract
The Arabic traineddata for Tesseract.
Assamese Traineddata for Tesseract
The Assamese traineddata for Tesseract.
Azerbaijani Traineddata for Tesseract
The Azerbaijani traineddata for Tesseract.