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Search for autoconf macros inside the m4 files. 在 m4 檔中搜尋 autoconf 巨集。
repo 套件庫
pkg 套件
m4 m4
macro 巨集
repository 套件庫
package 套件
m4 file m4 檔案

Warning: no repos found - make sure your repositories are configured.

警告:未找到任何軟體庫 - 請確保您設定了軟體庫。

Warning: incomplete repos found but could not refresh - try to refresh manually, e.g. with 'zypper refresh'.

警告:找到不完整的軟體庫卻無法重新整理 - 嘗試手動重新整理,例如使用「zypper refresh」。
Search for binaries contained in the packages. 搜尋此套件中的二位元檔。
path 路徑
bin bin
binary 二位元檔
- template module - - 樣板模組 -
Search for C/C++/Obj-C/Obj-C++ headers. 搜尋 C/C++/Obj-C/Obj-C++ 檔頭。
header 檔頭
show this help message and exit 顯示此說明訊息並離開
show program's version number and exit 顯示程式版本並離開
Usage: %prog [global_opts] module [local_opts] search_term 用法: %prog [global_opts] module [local_opts] search_term