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Add On Management - This module does not support the command line interface, use '%{zypper}' instead for adding a new repository or '%{SUSEConnect}' to register a new add-on.
No name defined
<p>All add-on products installed on your system are displayed.</p>
Deleting the add-on product %1 may result in removing all the packages
installed from this add-on.

Are sure you want to delete it?
Warning: Not enough memory!
Your system does not seem to have enough memory to use add-on products
during installation. You can enable add-on products later when the
system is running.

Do you want to skip using add-on products?
URL: %s
Path: %s
Make the add-on "%{name}" available via "%{url}".
Error in the AutoYaST <add_on> section.
Missing mandatory <media_url> value at index %d in the <add_on_products> definition.
Skip the invalid product definition and continue with the installation?