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Create New Directory Instance
General options (mandatory)
Fully qualified domain name (e.g. dir.example.net)
Directory server instance name (e.g. localhost)
Directory suffix (e.g. dc=example,dc=net)
Security options (mandatory)
"cn=Directory Manager" password
Repeat "cn=Directory Manager" password
Security options (optional)
Server TLS certificate authority in PEM format
Server TLS certificate and key in PKCS12 format with friendly name "Server-Cert"
Please complete mandatory setup fields.
Two password entries do not match.
Both TLS Certificate authority and PKCS12 must be provided, or none provided.
TLS certificate authority PEM OR certificate/key PKCS12 file does not exist.
Preparing to install new instance, this may take a minute ...
Error during package installation.
Installing new instance, this may take a minute ...
Failed to set up new instance! Log output may be found in /var/log/YaST/y2log
Configuring instance TLS ...