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Create New Directory Instance
General options (mandatory)
Fully qualified domain name (e.g. dir.example.net)
Directory suffix (e.g. dc=example,dc=net)
Security options (mandatory)
"cn=Directory Manager" password
Security options (optional)
Server TLS certificate authority in PEM format
Server TLS certificate and key in PKCS12 format with friendly name "Server-Cert"
Please complete mandatory setup fields.
Two password entries do not match.
Both TLS Certificate authority and PKCS12 must be provided, or none provided.
Preparing to install new instance, this may take a minute ...
Error during package installation.
Installing new instance, this may take a minute ...
Failed to set up new instance! Log output may be found in /var/log/YaST/y2log
Configuring instance TLS ...
Failed to restart directory instance, please inspect the journal of dirsrv@%s.service and /var/log/dirsrv/slapd-%s
New instance has been set up! Log output may be found in /var/log/YaST/y2log
Fully qualified domain name (e.g. krb.example.net)