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Executing autoinstall scripts in the installation environment...
Client for AutoYaST configuration on the running system
Configure the system using given AutoYaST profile
Path to AutoYaST profile
enable/disable all package handling
Empty parameter list
Please wait while the system is being configured.
Configuring System according to auto-install settings
No needed package found.
Needed package: %s
Needed packages: %s
These sections of the AutoYaST profile cannot be processed on this system:<br><br>%s<br><br>Maybe they were misspelled or your profile does not contain all the needed YaST packages in the &lt;software/&gt; section as required for functionality provided by additional modules.
Executing Post-Scripts
Writing Init-Scripts
Restarting all running services
Activating systemd default target
Finishing Configuration
Processing resource %1
Please wait while the system is prepared for autoinstallation.</p>