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Chef Client is running. The changes that you make
may be overridden by Chef later.
Continue configuration with YaST?
This is a YaST module. এটি একটি YaST2 মডিউল.
<Error: invalid help>
Failed to create XML file.
Save y2logs to... লগ সেভ করুন যেমন...
Saving YaST logs to %1... পরিবর্তনশীল %1 সেভ করছি...
Unable to save YaST logs to %1
%1 সার্ভিসটি নিষ্ক্রিয় করতে ব্যর্থ:
More information can be found near the end of the '%1' file.
This is worth reporting a bug at %1.
Please, attach also all YaST logs stored in the '%2' directory.
See %3 for more information about YaST logs.
&Save YaST Logs... লগ সেভ করুন যেমন...
Loading to memory package '%s' প্রয়োজনীয় প্যাকেজ...
Removing from memory package '%s'
Something went wrong and the expected '%{client}' dialog was not found.

Would you like to skip the dialog and continue anyway?
Do you want to continue or abort the installation? আপনি কি নিশ্চিত আপনি
ইনস্টলেশন বাতিল করতে চান?
Do you want to add new product anyway? আপনি কি পুনরায় চেষ্টা করতে চান?
The profile does not allow you to run the products on this system.
Proceeding to run this installation will leave you in an unsupported state
and might impact your compliance requirements.

The following requirements are not fulfilled on this system:


Downloading the installer extension package failed. %1 প্যাকেজটির ইনস্টলেশন ব্যর্থ.
Extracting the installer extension failed. প্যাকেজ ইনস্টলেশন