English Khmer (Central)
yast2 %1 <command> help yast2 %1 <command> help
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
Common Link Access for Workstation (CLAW) Common Link Access for Workstation (CLAW)
Channel to Channel Interface (CTC) Channel to Channel Interface (CTC)
Fiberchannel System Connector (FICON) Fiberchannel System Connector (FICON)
HIgh Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI) HIgh Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI)
Hipersockets Hipersockets
Hipersockets Interface (HSI) Hipersockets Interface (HSI)
Loopback Loopback
VMWare VMWare
InfiniBand InfiniBand
Host bridge Host bridge
ISA bridge ISA bridge
EISA bridge EISA bridge
MicroChannel bridge MicroChannel bridge
PCI bridge PCI bridge
PCMCIA bridge PCMCIA bridge
NuBus bridge NuBus bridge
CardBus bridge CardBus bridge
RACEway bridge RACEway bridge