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<p>Here you can edit the location of your <b>Update Repositories</b>.</p>
If repositories are stored at SMT server or SUSE Manager server, it's enough to enter server's URL and the paths
to repositories will be filled automatically.</p>It is also possible to use custom paths. Some examples of how the URL could look like:
<li><i>http://smt.example.com/repo/SUSE/Products/SLE-HA/12-SP2/x86_64/product</i> for SMT server
<li><i>http://manager.example.com/ks/dist/child/suse-openstack-cloud-7-pool-x86_64/sles12-sp2-pool-x86_64/</i> for SUSE Manager Server.
For detailed description, check the Deployment Guide.
<p>Manage user names and passwords for Crowbar administrators.</p>
<p>Here, define a <b>Network Mode</b> with relevant <b>Bonding Policy</b>.</p>
<p>You can also specify interface names for the bastion network conduits as space-separated list.</p>
Bonding &Policy
P&hysical interfaces mapping for bastion network
<p>Each physical interface definition needs to fit the pattern
Valid examples are <tt>+1g2</tt>, <tt>10g1</tt> or <tt>?1g2</tt>.</p>
Edit Ran&ges...
Ask On Error
Target Platform
Repository '%1' already exists.
Choose a different name.
Server &URL
&Ask On Error
Empty URL means that default value will be used.
Local SMT Server
Remote SMT Server