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Cannot start FCoE on VLAN interface %1
because FCoE is already configured on
network interface %2 itself.
Cannot start FCoE on network interface %1 itself
because FCoE is already configured on
VLAN interface(s) %2.
Creating and Starting FCoE on Detected VLAN Device
Do you really want to create a FCoE network
interface for discovered VLAN interface %1
on %2 and start the FCoE initiator?
Creating FCoE interface failed.
Continue because running in test mode
Make sure the interface is not essential for a used device.
Removing it may result in an unusable system.
Don't remove the interface if it's related
to an already activated multipath device.
DCB Required is set to "yes" but the
interface isn't DCB capable.
Service 'fcoe' requires enabled service 'lldpad'.
Enabling start on boot of service 'lldpad'.
DCB capable
Flag FCoE
Flag iSCSI
Storage Only
&Use syslog
<p><b><big>Starting of services</big><br></b><br>Enable or disable the start of the services <b>fcoe</b> and <b>lldpad</b> at boot time.</p>
<p>Starting the service <b>fcoe</b> means starting the <i>Fibre Channel over Ethernet</i> service daemon <i>fcoemon</i> which controls the FCoE interfaces and establishes a connection with the daemon <i>lldpad</i>.</p>
<p>The <b>lldpad</b> service provides the <i>Link Layer Discovery Protocol</i> agent daemon <i>lldpad</i>, which informs <i>fcoemon</i> about DCB (Data Center Bridging) features and configuration of the interfaces.</p>