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IPv4 Masquerade
<b>%s</b> sets masquerade for given zone. Option is for IPv4 only.For IPv6 command line tool firewall-cmd and rich rules needs to be used.IP Masquerade, also called IPMASQ or MASQ, allows one or more computers in a network without assigned IP addresses to communicate using server’sassigned IP address.
<p>A network zone defines the level of trust for network connections.</p>
<p>You can designate one of them as the <b>default</b> zone by clicking the
<b>Set As Default</b> button.</p>

<p>In the <b>Interfaces</b> column you see which interfaces are assigned
to a given zone. Bear in mind that, for the zone which is set as the default
one, you will see the interfaces that are implicitly assigned to it, i.e.,
those interfaces that are not assigned explicitly to that zone but to the
default one.</p>

<p>If you want to assign an interface to a given zone, just visit the
<b>Interfaces</b> section.</p>