English Walloon
Aborting FTP Configuration Dji schape l' apontiaedje del sicrirece
All changes will be lost. Really abort configuration? Tos vos candjmints seront pierdous.
Vormint rastaler vosse sistinme di rexhe?
&Welcome message Wilicome
&Chroot Everyone
&Verbose Logging Elodjaedje
&Umask for Anonymous Anonime
Uma&sk for Authenticated Users Uzeu&s
FTP Directory for Anon&ymous Users No d' ridant
Brows&e &Foyter
&FTP Directory for Authenticated Users &FTP Uzeus
Br&owse &Foyter
&Max Idle Time [minutes] Rasta Eure
Max Cli&ents for One IP Cliyints Onk IP
Ma&x Clients Cliyint NFS
&Local Max Rate [KB/s] &Locå Ko s
Anonymous Max &Rate [KB/s] Anonime Ko s
Enable/Disable Anonymous and Local Users Mete en alaedje Dismete Anonime eyet Locå Uzeus
Anonymo&us Only Anonime
Aut&henticated Users Only Uzeus