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Read &CD or DVD Medium
Data &Source Izvor
Use &ISO Images
Di&rectory with CD Images:
Select &Directory Директоријум
Select Directory Директоријум
Installation server name missing. Инсталација — безбедна подешавања
Contents already exist in this directory.
Not copying CDs.
Add an additional product (Service Pack, Additional
Package CD, etc.) to the repository?
Repository &Name: Извор:
A&nnounce as Installation Service with SLP
Invalid repository name.
Repository '%1' already exists,
enter another name.
Error while creating <tt>repository</tt> directory.
Verify that the directory
is writable and try again.
Repository '%1' has been marked to delete.
When adding a new repository with the same name
the old content must deleted right now.

Really delete the old content and create it from scratch?
Initial Setup -- Initial Setup
Do Not Configure Any Net&work Services
Di&rectory to Contain Repositories:
&Configure as HTTP Repository
&Configure as FTP Repository