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If authentication is needed for secure access, please use <b>Authentication by Initiator</b> and <b>Authentication by Targets</b> together. Please do not only use one of them for security reasons.
<p><b>manual</b> is for iSCSI targets which are not to be connected by
default, the user needs to connect them manually</p>
<p><b>onboot</b> is for iSCSI targets to be connected during boot, i.e. when
root is on iSCSI. As such it will be evaluated by the initrd.</p>
<p><b>automatic</b> is for iSCSI targets to be connected when the iSCSI service
starts up.</p>
<p>When iBFT (iSCSI Boot Firmware Table) is used, the startup mode of the
node is irrelevant. For that reason, the widget is disabled if iBFT is
detected by YaST.</p>
<p>List of current sessions.</p><p>Use the <b>Add</b> button to get additional targets. A discovery is started to detect new targets and the start-up mode of already connected targets keeps unchanged.<br>Use <b>Disconnect</b> to cancel the connection and with it remove the target from the list.<br>To change the start-up status, press <b>Edit</b>.</p>
<p>The default setting here is <i>No Authentication</i>. Uncheck the checkbox if authentication is needed for security reasons.
<p>This screen shows the list of discovered targets.</p><p>Use the <b>Discovery</b> button to get available iSCSI targets from a server specified by IP address.<br><b>Connect</b> to a target to establih the connection. If login was successful the column <i>Connected</i> shows status 'True' and the target will appear on the <i>Connected Targets</i> screen.<br>To remove a target use the <b>Delete</b> button.<br> <b>Hint:</b> Removing of targets is only possible for not connected onces. If required, <b>Disconnect</b> at <i>Connected Targets</i> first.</p><p><b>Please note:</b> Starting the <b>Discovery</b> again means doing a re-discovery of targets which possibly will change the start-up mode of already connected targets (to default 'manual'). Switch to <i>Connected Targets</i> screen and use the <b>Add</b> button if you want to add new targets without changing the start-up mode.</p>
Please check IP address resp. host name.