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Please check whether initiator names are valid.

Please check whether the ACL still exists.

Please check whether the both LUN numbers in use and the LUNs still exists.
It is needed to fill both <b>Authentication by Targets</b> and <b>Authentication by Initiators</b>.
You can edit the targets again to change that.
is provided to replace the defalult tpg
, plese check target name.
<h2>Service Start</h2>
<p><b>Bind all IP addresses</b> means the service will be avaiable under all IPs this \
target server has.</p>
<p>Create or edit a target.</p>
<p>It is possible to make arbitrary block devices or files available under a lun. \
You have to provide <b>LUN path</b> to either block devices or file. The <b>LUN name</b> is an \
arbitrary name to uniquely identify the LUN. The name needs to be unique within the \
target portal group. If the user does not provide a name for LUN, \
it is generated automatically.</p>
<p>Note: <b>Username / Password can not be the same for initiators and targets! \
Or there may be a CHAP error</b></p>
<p>Under <b>Ip Address</b> and <b>Port Number</b> you specify under which address and port \
the service will be available. Default for port number is 3260. Only ip addresses \
assigned to one of the network cards are possible.</p>
<p>Use <b>Add</b> to give an initiator (iSCSI client) access to a LUN imported \
from target portal group. Specify which initiator is allowed to connect \
(use InitiatorName from '/etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi' on iSCSI initiator). \
<b>Delete</b> will remove the initiator access to the LUN.</p>
<p>When <b>Use Login Authentication</b> is enabled, you need to add <b>ACL</b> rules \
for this target. If <b>Use Login Authentication</b> is disabled, this target will work in \
<b>Demo Mode</b>, this means any initiators can access this target without any authentications </p>
<p>With <b>Edit LUN</b> one can modify the LUN mapping. Please note that LUN \
target number must be unique.</p>
Additional information:
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