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Cannot access the storage %s.
Please consider reconnecting the storage or
deleting then recreating the target which is using this storage.
Can not use
Can not use such characters:
in mutual_username.
<h2>Service Start</h2>
To start the service every time your computer is booted, \
set to <b>Start on boot</b>. Otherwise choose <b>Do not start</b>.
To open the firewall to allow access to the service from remote computers, \
set <b>Open Port in Firewall</b>.
To select interfaces on which to open the port, click <b>Firewall Details</b>. \
This option is available only if the firewall is enabled.
Please use username and password in pair.
Please use mutual_username and mutual_password in pair.
This tab intends to configure authentication for discovery session.
It is needed to fill both <b>Authentication by Targets</b> and <b>Authentication by Initiators</b>.
<p>Note: <b>Username / Password can not be the same for initiators and targets! \
Or there may be a CHAP error</b></p>
Target name cannot be longger than 223 bytes.
There are no TPGs in the target!
Failed to create ACL with initaitor name:

Please check whether initiator names are valid.
Failed to delete ACL with initaitor name:

Please check whether the ACL still exists.
There are not TPGs in this target.