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A direct parent for DN '%1'
does not exist in the LDAP directory.
The object with the selected DN cannot be created.
An object with the selected DN exists, but it is not a template object.
Select another one.
No entry with DN '%1'
exists on the LDAP server. Create it now?
<p>Set the new value for the current attribute.</p>
<p>If the attribute can have more values, add new entries
with <b>Add Value</b>. Sometimes the button contains the list of
possible values to use for the current attribute.
If the value of the edited attribute should be a distinguished name (DN),
it is possible to choose it from the LDAP tree using <b>Browse</b>.
<p>The description of attribute "%1":<br></p>
&Value of "%1" Attribute
&Values of "%1" Attribute
&Empty Entry
The value '%1' already exists.
Please select another one.
Configuration of user management tools
Configuration of group management tools
Object Class of New Module
&Name of New Module ("cn" Value)
The entered value already exists.
Select another one.
Enter the module name.
<p>Here, set the values of attributes belonging
to an object using the current template. Such values are used as defaults when
the new object is created.</p>
<p>You can use special syntax to create attribute
values from existing ones. The expression <i>%attr_name</i> will be replaced
with the value of attribute "attr_name" (for example, use "/home/%uid"
as a value of "homeDirectory").</p>
Attribute &Name
Attribute &Value