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File system ID. Legacy. Only default value (nfs) makes sense.
Unknown value for option "type". Neispravna vrijednost ili izbor.
NFS mount '%s' not found.
The hostname entered is invalid. It must be
shorter than 50 characters and only use
valid IPv4, IPv6 or domain name.
Valid IPv4: %1
Valid IPv6: %2
Valid domain: %3
Unijeli ste pogrešano ime računala. Mora biti
kraće od 50 znakova i sastojati se samo
od 0-9, A-Z, a-z, točaka, -, i _.
%s (Please Check)
<p>The table contains all directories
exported from remote servers and mounted locally via NFS (NFS shares).</p>
<p>Each NFS share is identified by remote NFS server address and
exported directory, local directory where the remote directory is mounted,
version of the NFS protocol and mount options. For further information
about mounting NFS and mount options, refer to <tt>man nfs</tt>.</p>
<p>An asterisk (*) after the mount point indicates a file system that is
currently not mounted (for example, because it has the <tt>noauto</tt>
option set in <tt>/etc/fstab</tt>).</p>
<p>It may happen that some NFS share is mounted using an old method
to specify the version of the NFS protocol, like the usage of 'nfs4'
as file system type or the usage of 'minorversion' in the mount options.
Those methods do not longer work as they used to, so if such
circumstance is detected, the real current version is displayed in the
list followed by a warning message. Those entries can be edited to
make sure they use more current ways of specifying the version.</p>
<p>To mount a new NFS share, click <B>Add</B>. To change the configuration of
a currently mounted share, click <B>Edit</B>. Remove and unmount a selected
share with <B>Delete</B>.</p>
<p>If you need to access NFSv4 shares (NFSv4 is a newer version of the NFS
protocol), check the <b>NFS version</b> option. In that case, you might need
to supply an specific <b>NFSv4 Domain Name</b> required for the correct setting
of file/directory access rights.</p>
No NFS server has been found on your network.

This could be caused by a running firewall,
which probably blocks the network scanning.
NFS Version &NFS poslužitelji
The NFS scan failed.
NFS &Version NFS &postavke
This entry uses old ways of specifying the NFS protocol version that
do not longer work as they used to do it (like the usage of 'nfs4' as
file system type or the usage of 'minorversion' in the mount options).

Editing the entry will change how the version is specified, with no
possibility to use old outdated method again.

Proceed and edit?
Any (Highest Available)
Force NFSv3