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<p>Press <b>Synchronize Now</b>, to get your system time set correctly using the selected NTP server. If you want to make use of NTP permanently, enable the <b>Save NTP Configuration</b> option</p>
<p>Enabling <b>Run NTP as daemon</b> option, the NTP service will be started as daemon. Otherwise the system time will be synchronized periodically. The default interval is 15 min. You can change it after installation with the <b>yast2 ntp-client module</b>.</p>
<p>Synchronization with the NTP server can be done only when the network is configured.</p>
<p>Using the <b>Configure</b> button, open the advanced NTP configuration.</p>
Invalid NTP server hostname %1
&NTP Server Address
Synchronization Servers:
... (%{count} more servers)
S&ynchronize now
&Run NTP as daemon
&Save NTP Configuration
Synchronizing with NTP server...
Connection to selected NTP server failed.
Cannot save NTP configuration because the package %1 is not available.
Test query to server '%1' failed.
If server is not yet accessible or network is not configured
click 'No' to ignore. Revisit NTP server configuration?
Synchronization with NTP server is not possible
without package %1 installed.
Please use 'chronyc' instead.
<p><b><big>Initializing NTP Client Configuration</big></b><br>
Please wait...<br></p>
<p><b><big>Aborting Initialization:</big></b><br>
Safely abort the configuration utility by pressing <b>Abort</b> now.</p>