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Please install yast2-registration and try again.
Patch Categories
Register for support and get update repository
Skip Interactive Patches
Use delta rpms
In order to add the default update repository
you have to register this product.
<p>In <b>%1</b> the current update repository is shown.</p>
<p>Find related actions in the <b>%1</b> menu.</p>
<p>Select an update interval and specify if interactive patches should be ignored and if licenses should be automatically agreed with.</p>
<p>All packages that are recommended by an updated package will be installed when <b>%1</b> is enabled.</p>
<p>Category filter for patches can be configured in the section <b>%1</b>. Only patches of the listed categories will be installed. Others will be skipped.</p>
Packagemanager and YaST