English Khmer (Central)
<p>All packages that are recommended by an updated package will be installed when <b>%1</b> is enabled.</p>
<p>Category filter for patches can be configured in the section <b>%1</b>. Only patches of the listed categories will be installed. Others will be skipped.</p>
<p>In <b>%1</b> set up the automatic online update.</p> ដំឡើង​ភាព​ទាន់សម័យ​លើ​បណ្ដាញ​ដោយ​ស្វ័យប្រវត្តិ
<p>Select an update interval and specify if interactive patches should be ignored and if licenses should be automatically agreed with.</p>
Filter by Category ត្រង​តាម​អ្នក​និពន្ធ
Include Recommended Packages កញ្ចប់​ដែល​បានផ្ដល់អនុសាសន៍
Packagemanager and YaST
Patch Categories ប្រភេទ​កញ្ចប់
Use delta rpms