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Include Recommended Packages 包含推荐的软件包
Use delta rpms 使用增量 RPM
Current Update Repository: 当前更新源:
In order to add the default update repository
you have to register this product.
Do you want to perform the registration now? 您想要现在注册吗?
<p>In <b>%1</b> the current update repository is shown.</p> <p><b>%1</b> 中显示了当前更新源。</p>
<p>Press <b>%1</b> to use the default update repository.</p> <p>按 <b>%1</b> 使用默认更新源。</p>
<p>Find related actions in the <b>%1</b> menu.</p> <p>在 <b>%1</b> 菜单中查找相关操作。</p>
<p>In <b>%1</b> set up the automatic online update.</p> <p>在 <b>%1</b> 中设置自动在线更新。</p>
<p>Select an update interval and specify if interactive patches should be ignored and if licenses should be automatically agreed with.</p> <p>选择一个更新周期,并指定是否忽略交互补丁和是否自动同意许可。</p>
<p>All packages that are recommended by an updated package will be installed when <b>%1</b> is enabled.</p> <p>启用了 <b>%1</b> 后,将安装某个更新的软件包推荐的所有软件包。</p>
<p>Category filter for patches can be configured in the section <b>%1</b>. Only patches of the listed categories will be installed. Others will be skipped.</p> <p>补丁分类过滤器可在 <b>%1</b> 部分配置。只有属于已列出分类的补丁才会安装。其他的将跳过。</p>
daily 按日
weekly 按周
monthly 按月
Packagemanager and YaST 软件包管理器和 YaST
Security 安全
Recommended 推荐
Optional 可选
Document 文档