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Abort Update
If you abort the installation now, no patch will be installed.
Your installation will remain untouched.
Patch download and installation in progress.
If you abort the installation now, the update is incomplete.
Repeat the update, including the download, if desired.
If you abort the installation now,
at least one patch is not installed correctly.
You will need to do the update again.
Really abort YaST Online Update?
&Abort Update
&Continue Update
<b>Patch:</b> %1<br>
<b>Summary:</b> %1<br>
Patch &Details <<
Patch &Details >>
Install Patch
These patches will need rebooting after installation
&Skip All
Online update was unable to unselect some patches that need rebooting.
These products have reached their end of general support
and thus do not provide new updates anymore.

In case that your subscription contains extended support,
please make sure that you have activated the extension.

Contact us if you need further assistance.