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<b>Patch:</b> %1<br>
<b>Summary:</b> %1<br>
<p>After connecting to the update server,
YaST will download all selected patches.
This could take some time. Download details are shown in the log window.</p>
<p>If special messages associated with patches are available, they will be shown in an extra dialog when the patch is installed.</p>
<p>The system is initializing the installation and update repositories. Software repositories can be altered in the <b>Installation Source</b> module.</p>
Abort Update
Applying delta RPM: %1
At least one of the updates installed requires a system reboot to function
properly. Reboot the system as soon as possible.
At least one of the updates installed requires restart of the session.
Log out and in again as soon as possible.
Cannot configure online update repository
without having package %1 installed
Check for available updates
Checking for available updates...
Delta RPM Application Progress
Delta RPM Download Progress