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No enabled repository configured.
Only installed packages are displayed.
Nenurodyta nė viena saugykla.
Rodomi tik įdiegti paketai.
<UL><LI>Signature: %1</LI></UL> <UL><LI>Dydis: %1</LI></UL>
The medium does not contain a valid checksum.
The content of the medium cannot be verified.

Only readability of the medium will be checked.
Laikmena neturi MD5 kontrolinės sumos.
Laikmenos turinio negalima patikrinti.

Bus patikrintas tik laikmenos nuskaitomumas.
Raw name: %s Neapdorotas URL: %s
Enabling the online repositories during installation
gives you access to all software that does not fit on
the installation media anymore. Additionally, those
repositories might contain updated software packages.
However, since the system has less than %d MiB memory,
there is a significant risk of running out of memory,
and the installer may crash or freeze.

Using the online repositories later in the installed
system is recommended.
Sistemoje yra mažiau kaip %d MiB atminties,
tad kyla pavojus pristigti atminties,
o diegyklė gali nulūžti arba užstrigti.

Patariame nuotolines saugyklas įgalinti tik
po to, kai įdiegsite sistemą į kompiuterį.
Online Repositories Nuotolinių saugyklų sąrašas
Directory on the Media: &Katalogas serveryje:
Media Name: Laikmenos tipas
Product ID: Produktas: %1
Cannot evaluate the product dependencies.
Product Description (English Only)
Insert the add-on %1 medium Įdėkite papildomų produktų %1 laikmeną
Unknown Source Nežinomas produktas
The FIPS compliant mode has been enabled
but the '%{fips_pattern}' pattern is not available to install.

The installation will very likely fail and the installed system
might not work properly.

Either add an additional software repository providing
the '%{fips_pattern}' pattern or reboot the installation
without the '%{fips_option}' boot option.
Failed to select default product patterns:
Patterns have not been found.

This can probably be fixed by adding
more installation repositories by going back to
the 'Registration' or 'Add On Product' screens.