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Warning: Cannot read %1 (file may not exist).
Error: Failed to read %1 (possibly empty file).
Warning: Failed to backup %1 as %1.yast2save
Warning: Failed to backup %1 as %1.yast2orig
No local printer accessible (using remote CUPS server '%1' for printing).
Started the CUPS daemon.
Waiting half a minute for the CUPS daemon to get ready to operate...
The CUPS daemon is not yet accessible.
Waiting one minute so that it is ready to operate...
Cannot configure local printers (no local cupsd accessible).
Specify if automatic USB printer configuration should happen when plug in
&Use the package udev-configure-printer for automatic USB printer configuration
A remote CUPS server setting conflicts with automatic configuration of printers for the local system.
Failed to remove the 'ServerName' entry in /etc/cups/client.conf
Alternative setup for HP printers:
Run &hp-setup
hp-setup runs in English language
Select a connection and then assign a driver.
Only letters (a-z and A-Z), numbers (0-9), and the underscore '_' are allowed for the queue name.
'%1' is invalid or it exists already. Use '%2' instead?
If the next dialog does not show the new printer configuration as expected, wait some time and use the 'Refresh List' button.
No driver is used (it is a 'raw' queue or a 'System V style interface script' is used)