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<h1>Advanced Hotkeys</h1><dl><dt>Print Screen</dt><dd>Take and save a screenshot. May not be available when YaST is running under some desktop environments.</dd><dt>Shift-F4</dt><dd>Enable/disable the color palette optimized for vision impaired users.</dd><dt>Shift-F7</dt><dd>Enable/disable logging of debug messages.</dd><dt>Shift-F8</dt><dd>Open a file dialog to save log files to a non-standard location.</dd><dt>Ctrl-Shift-Alt-D</dt><dd>Send a DebugEvent. YaST modules can react on this by executing special debugging actions. Result depends on the specific YaST-module.</dd><dt>Ctrl-Shift-Alt-M</dt><dd>Start/Stop macro recorder.</dd><dt>Ctrl-Shift-Alt-P</dt><dd>Replay macro.</dd><dt>Ctrl-Shift-Alt-S</dt><dd>Show style sheet editor.</dd><dt>Ctrl-Shift-Alt-T</dt><dd>Dump widget tree to the log file.</dd><dt>Ctrl-Alt-Shift-X</dt><dd>Open a terminal window (xterm). Useful for VNC installations.</dd><dt>Ctrl-Shift-Alt-Y</dt><dd>Show widget tree browser.</dd></dl>
Color switching
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Release Notes
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Stylesheet Editor
Switching to color palette for vision impaired users -
press Shift-F4 again to switch back to normal colors.