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Remote Access Configuration Configuración automática
Display configuration summary Guardar configuración
Allow remote access
Set 'yes' to allow or 'no' to disallow the remote administration
Remote Access Configuration Summary:
Please set 'yes' to allow the remote administration
or 'no' to disallow it.
RDP Remote Administration
RDP &Remote Administration
Settings Detalles del torgafueos
Enable RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Service
Open Port in Firewall
<p><b><big>Remote Administration via RDP</big></b></p>
<p>Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a secure remote administration protocol running on TCP port 3389.</p><p>If the feature is enabled, you will be able to login to this computer
remotely via an RDP client such as Windows Remote Desktop Viewer.
Remote Administration via RDP Guardar los axustes de la instalación
RDP (remote desktop protocol) service is enabled.
RDP (remote desktop protocol) service is disabled.
Saving Remote Administration (RDP) Configuration Guardando la configuración de la consola...
Write firewall settings Escribir la configuración del torgafueos
Writing firewall settings... Escribiendo configuración del torgafueos...
Configure xrdp &Configurar...
Configuring xrdp... &Configurar...