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Configuration of Rear Apontiaedje d' IrDA
Change the Rear configuration Candjî l' apontiaedje IrDA
Output Rexhowe di %1
Netfs URL Noû URL:
This system is not supported by rear, because: Cisse sicanrece n' est nén sopoirtêye pal moenneu %1 (paket %2).
Do NOT expect the created backup to be useful for system recovery if you ignore this warning.
This system is not supported. Cisse sicanrece n' est nén sopoirtêye.
&Ignore and continue Passer &houte ci cas
&Cancel &Rinoncî
Additional Directories to Backup Prodûts d' pus a tchoezi
&OK &I va
Choose Directory Ridant måjhon :
Cannot write rear configuration file. Dji n' sai lére l' apontiaedje.
Additional Kernel Modules &Pont d' modules YaST di pus
Available Modules in current System:
Modules added to Rescue System:
Modules are sorted in the order they were loaded.
Rear output:
Preparing for Rear Execution. Dj' apresteye l' ahivaedje d' imådje
Running rear... Dj' enonde li disbugueu...