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Use '%s' instead of this YaST module.
<p>The repository initialization failed. Disable (or remove) the offending service or repository in the repository manager.</p><p>Details:</p><p>%s</p>
The issuer certificate cannot be found, it needs to be installed manually.
Save the server certificate in PEM format to file %{file}
Run command:
Issued To
Common Name (CN):
Organization (O):
Organization Unit (OU):
Issued By
Issued On:
Add-on '%s'
is not available for registration.
Fetching the list of known modules/extensions
Package %{name} could not be selected for installation.
YaST requires your system to be registered in order to perform an online search. Alternatively, use the web version at 'https://scc.suse.com/packages/'.
This system is registered through an SMT/RMT server. Unfortunately, the online search feature is not supported in this scenario. Alternatively, use the web version at'https://scc.suse.com/packages/'.
Missing product specification in the %s section
SLP discovery failed, no server found
The old system is not registered and the AutoYaST profile requires registration.
Either register the old system before running the upgrade or
remove the registration section from the AutoYaST profile
and use full medium.