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Use '%s' instead of this YaST module.
Issued On:
If you are upgrading from SLE11 make sure the SCC server
knows the old NCC registration. Synchronization from NCC to SCC
might take very long time.

If the SLE11 system was installed recently you could log into
%s to speed up the synchronization process.
Just wait several minutes after logging in and then retry
the upgrade again.
Registration server error.
Retry the operation later.
A certificate has been already imported
but the server connection still cannot be trusted.

Please fix the certificate issue manually, ensure that the server
can be connected securely and start the YaST module again.
The installation medium or the installer itself is seriously broken.
Report a bug at %s.
Make sure a product is installed and /etc/products.d/baseproduct
is a symlink pointing to the base product .prod file.
Loading Migration Products...
The registration server offers update repositories.

Would you like to enable these repositories during installation
in order to receive the latest updates?
Would you like to enable these repositories during upgrade
in order to receive the latest updates?
Repository '%s'
cannot be loaded.

Skip the repository or abort?
Saving repository configuration failed.
Refreshing service '%s' failed.
Cannot find remote product %s.
The product cannot be registered.
Extension and Module Selection
<p>Here you can select available extensions and modules for yoursystem.</p>
Available Extensions and Modules
<p>Here you can select which extensions or moduleswill be registered together with the base product.</p>
Register Optional Extensions or Modules