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Expose Snapshots
Utilize Btrfs Features
Guest Access
Use WINS for Hostname Resolution
<p>If you want to change the user authentication source, remove the current one first
by pressing <b>Delete</b> and add a new one with <b>Add</b>.</p>
<p>With <b>Expose Snapshots</b> selected, Samba exposes snapshots created by Snapper for access and manipulation by CIFS/SMB clients. This option is only available if Samba offers Snapper support, and the Share Path corresponds to a Btrfs backed Snapper configuration subvolume.<br> Relevant permissions must also be granted, see Samba's <b>vfs_snapper(8)</b> man page for further details.</p>
<p><b>Utilize Btrfs Features</b> instructs Samba to take advantage of features specific to the Btrfs filesystem. This option is only available if Samba offers Btrfs support, and the Share Path is a Btrfs subvolume. See Samba's <b>vfs_btrfs(8)</b> man page for further details.</p>
<p><b><big>LDAP Settings</big></b><br>
Here, determine the LDAP server to use for authentication.
Setting <b>LDAP Password Back-End</b> allows storing user information in the LDAP tree specified by the URL. With <b>LDAP Idmap Back-End</b>, store SID/uid/gid mapping tables in LDAP.
In the Authentication section, set the credentials for the LDAP server, including full Administrator DN.
<b>Search Base DN</b> is the LDAP suffix appended to Samba-specific LDAP objects.
To test the connection to your LDAP server, click <b>Test Connection</b>. To set expert LDAP settings or use default values, click <b>Advanced Settings</b>.<p>
<p><b>User Suffix</b> specifies where users are added to the LDAP tree. The value is pre-pended to the value of <b>Search Base DN</b>. Similarly, <b>Group Suffix</b> specifies the place for groups, <b>Machine Suffix</b> for machines and <b>Idmap Suffix</b> for idmap mappings.</p>
<p><b>Replication Sleep</b> is the amount of milliseconds Samba will wait after writing to the LDAP server, so LDAP replicas can catch up.</p>
<p><b>Time-Out</b> specifies the timeout for LDAP operations (in seconds).</p>
<p>Define whether to use SSL for LDAP connection with <b>Use SSL or TLS</b>.</p>
<p><b>Delete DN</b> specifies if the delete operation deletes the complete LDAP entry or only the Samba-specific attributes.</p>
<p>With <b>Synchronize Passwords</b>, define possible synchronization of the LDAP password with the NT and LM hashes. See the <tt>smb.conf</tt> manual page for details.</p>
Cups is required by samba for printing to
work correctly. Do you wish to disable printing?
Note: To reenable printing you will need to
manually enable the "printers" share and install cups.