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<b>Home Drive</b>, <b>Home Path</b>, <b>Profile Path</b>, and <b>Logon Script</b>
<p>Here, edit the setting of the user's samba account.</p>
<p>If do not enter custom values for
<p>This plugin can be used to enable an LDAP group to be available for Samba.
The only setting that you can edit here is the <b>Samba Group Name</b> attribute,
which is the Name of the Group as it should appear to Samba-Clients. All other
settings are computed automatically. If you leave the <b>Samba Group Name</b>
empty, the same name as configured in the Global Settings of this Group will
be used.</p>
Change the password to create the Samba account
Could not initialize Samba SID. Disabling plug-in.
Could not update objectClass attribute.
Edit Samba Attributes
Home Drive
Home Path
Logon Script
Manage Samba attribute of LDAP groups
Manage samba account parameters
No Password Expiration
Profile Path
Samba Account Disabled
Samba Attributes
Samba Group Name
Use Default Values
the default values as defined in your local Samba Configuration will be used.</p>