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<p>Here, edit the setting of the user's samba account.</p>
<p>If do not enter custom values for
<b>Home Drive</b>, <b>Home Path</b>, <b>Profile Path</b>, and <b>Logon Script</b>
the default values as defined in your local Samba Configuration will be used.</p>
Home Drive
Use Default Values
Home Path
Profile Path
Logon Script
Samba Account Disabled
No Password Expiration
Edit Samba Attributes
<p>This plugin can be used to enable an LDAP group to be available for Samba.
The only setting that you can edit here is the <b>Samba Group Name</b> attribute,
which is the Name of the Group as it should appear to Samba-Clients. All other
settings are computed automatically. If you leave the <b>Samba Group Name</b>
empty, the same name as configured in the Global Settings of this Group will
be used.</p>
Samba Group Name
Samba Attributes
Manage samba account parameters
Could not update objectClass attribute.
Could not initialize Samba SID. Disabling plug-in.
Change the password to create the Samba account
Manage Samba attribute of LDAP groups