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The fully qualified hostname (FQHN) could not be detected. El nome de host completu tien de finar en puntu.
Do you want to return to network setup or abort the SAP product installation and start the installed system?
Return to Network Setup &Sí, executar la configuración de la red
Abort Encaboxada
Product Installation Mode Instalación de productos adicionales
The standard installation of the Operating System has settled.
Now you can start the SAP Product Installation Instalación de productos adicionales
Choose Operating System Edition Sistema
<p><b>Select operating system edition</b></p><p>If you wish to proceed with installing SAP softwares right after installing the operating system, tick the checkbox "Launch SAP product installation wizard right after operating system is installed".</p>
Launch SAP product installation wizard right after operating system is installed
Enable Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Service and open port in Firewall
YAST Module to Install SAP Applications on SLES for SAP Applications.
Create HANA Partitionint. Partición
SAP Product Automatic Installation. Instalación de productos adicionales
YAST module to prepare SAP installation envinroment. Inicializando el entorno d'instalación...
<p>Use <b>Start SAP Product Setup after Installation</b> if you want the SAP Installation Wizard to start after the base system was installed.</p>
SAP product installation Instalación de productos adicionales
Start SAP Installation Wizard at the end of installation? <p>Les imáxenes d'instalación forman parte del mediu.</p>
Create SAP file systems and start SAP product installation. Instalación de productos adicionales
Only create SAP Business One file systems, do not install SAP products now. Instalación de productos adicionales