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Do you want to return to network setup or abort the SAP product installation and start the installed system?
The standard installation of the Operating System has settled.
<p><b>Select operating system edition</b></p><p>If you wish to proceed with installing SAP softwares right after installing the operating system, tick the checkbox "Launch SAP product installation wizard right after operating system is installed".</p>
Launch SAP product installation wizard right after operating system is installed
Enable Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Service and open port in Firewall
YAST Module to Install SAP Applications on SLES for SAP Applications.
<p>Use <b>Start SAP Product Setup after Installation</b> if you want the SAP Installation Wizard to start after the base system was installed.</p>
<a href="%1">Only create SAP Business One file systems, do not install SAP products now.</a>
<a href="%1">Do not start SAP Product installation. Proceed to OS login.</a>
Feel free to add them now. Otherwise, click "Next" to continue.
You now have an opportunity to add software repositories, for example: repositores for SAP partner solutions.
The step is completely optional, simply click "Next" if you do not use any additional repositories.
<p>Enter location of SAP installation master medium to prepare it for use.</p>
<p>Enter the location of your SAP medium.</p>
Location of the SAP product medium (e.g. SAP kernel, database, and database exports)
<p>Choose SAP product installation and back-end database.</p>
SAP Standard System
<p>Installation of a SAP NetWeaver system with all servers on the same host.</p>
SAP Standalone Engines
<p>Standalone engines are SAP Trex, SAP Gateway, and Web Dispatcher.</p>
Installation of SAP NetWeaver with the servers distributed on separate hosts.</p>