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Systemd is a system and service manager for Linux. It consists of units whose job is to activate services and other units.
Default target unit is activated on boot by default. Usually it is a symlink located in path/etc/systemd/system/default.target . See more on systemd man page.
Multi-User target is for setting up a non-graphical multi-user system with network suitable for server (similar to runlevel 3).
Graphical target for setting up a graphical login screen with network which is typical for workstations (similar to runlevel 5).
When you are not sure what would be the best option for you then go with graphical target.
Available Targets
The installer is recommending you the default target '%s'
X11 packages have been selected for installation
Live Installation is typically used for full GUI in target system
Serial connection does typically not support GUI
Text mode installation assumes no GUI on the target system
Using VNC assumes a GUI on the target system
SSH installation mode assumes no GUI on the target system
X11 packages have not been selected for installation
This recommendation is based on the analysis of other installation settings
Systemd target and services configuration module.
Use systemctl for commandline services configuration.
<h2>Buttons description:</h2>
<b>Apply</b> saves all changes without closing the Service Manager. This button is enabled only if something has been edited.
<b>OK</b> saves all changes and closes the Service Manager.