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<p>Here, set the mode in which to run the SLP daemon. The simplest mode is <b>Broadcast</b>.
In it, the SLP daemon answers all requests sent by broadcast. The next mode is <b>Multicast</b>. In it, the daemon answers queries
sent by multicast in appropriate SCOPES. In the <b>DA Server</b> mode, it informs DA servers on the specified IP addresses
about statically and dynamically registered services. The last options is <b>Becomes DA Server</b>. This is a cache server for service
<p>With <b>Expert Settings</b>, access all options available in /etc/slp.conf.</p>
Configuration files for static registration to SLP. With <b>Add</b>, create a new empty file. With <b>Modify</b>,
change the values of any existing file. With <b>Delete</b>, it is possible to delete files not owned by any package.
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