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Mounting partitions. One moment please...
Searching for Available Systems Ҷустуҷӯи файлҳои системавӣ...
A pre-update snapshot could not be created. You can continue with the
installation, but beware that you cannot roll back to a pre-update state
unless you have created a snapshot manually.
Release file %{file} not found
Cannot read release file %{file} Қайдҳои нашр нишон дода намешавад.
Unknown Product Маҳсулоти номуайян
Cannot select these patterns required for installation:
Cannot select these packages required for installation:
Update Settings Танзимоти навсозӣ
Update Навсозӣ
Perform Update Нокомӣ ҳангоми Навсозӣ
Update System Configuration Танзимоти огоҳномаҳои система
Configure Online Update