English Tajik
%1 on root partition %2 Требуется разрешение администратора.
A possibly incomplete installation has been detected.
A possibly incomplete installation has been detected on the selected partition.
Are sure you want to use it anyway?
A pre-update snapshot could not be created. You can continue with the
installation, but beware that you cannot roll back to a pre-update state
unless you have created a snapshot manually.
Architecture Сохтори CPU
&Backup &Нусхаи эҳтиётӣ
Backup Нусхаи эҳтиётӣ
Backup System Before Update Пеш аз навсозӣ нусхаи эҳтиётии системаро эҷод кунед
<b>File system:</b> %1, <b>Type:</b> %2,<br>
<b>Label:</b> %3, <b>Size:</b> %4,<br>
<b>udev IDs:</b> %5,<br>
<b>udev path:</b> %6
&Boot &Худборшавӣ
Cannot read release file %{file} Қайдҳои нашр нишон дода намешавад.
Cannot read the current RPM Database.
Cannot select these packages required for installation:
Cannot select these patterns required for installation:
Cannot solve all conflicts. <a href="%s">Manual intervention is required.</a>
Cannot unmount partition %1.

It is currently in use. If the partition stays mounted,
the data may be lost. Unmount the partition manually
or restart your computer.
Checking file system on %1... Танҳо системаи файлиро хонед
Checking partition %1 Санҷиши қисми диски %1
Configure Online Update
Create a &Complete Backup of /etc/sysconfig