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Create Backup of /etc/sysconfig Directory
Remove Backups from Previous Updates
Create a &Complete Backup of /etc/sysconfig
Remove &Old Backups from the Backup Directory
<p>To avoid any loss of information during update,
create a <b>backup</b> prior to updating.</p>
<p><b>Warning:</b> This will not be a complete
backup. Only modified files will be saved.</p>
<p><b>Create a Backup of Modified Files:</b>
Stores only those modified files that will be replaced during update.</p>
<p><b>Create a Complete Backup of
/etc/sysconfig:</b> This covers all configuration files that are part of the
sysconfig mechanism, even those that will not be replaced.</p>
<p><b>Remove Old Backups from the Backup
Directory:</b> If your current system already is the result of an earlier
update, there may be old configuration file backups. Select this option to
remove them.</p>
<p>All backups are placed in %1.</p>
Minimum disk space of %1 MB required.
Total Size of Packages to Update: %1
Cannot solve all conflicts. <a href="%s">Manual intervention is required.</a>
Cannot read the current RPM Database.
The installed product (%{update_from}) is not compatible with the product on the installation media (%{update_to}).
Updating system to another version (%1 -> %2) is not supported on the running system.<br>
Boot from the installation media and use a normal upgrade
or disable software repositories of products with different versions.
Warning: Updating from '%1' to '%2', products do not exactly match.
<p><b><big>Update Options</big></b> Select how your system will be updated.
Choose if only installed packages should be updated or new ones should be
installed as well (default). Decide whether unmaintained packages should be
None of these files exist:%1
The installed product is not compatible with the product
on the installation media. If you try to update using the
current installation media, the system may not start or
some applications may not run properly.