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Create Backup of Modified Files
Create Backup of /etc/sysconfig Directory
Do Not Create Backups
Remove Backups from Previous Updates
Backup System Before Update
Create &Backup of Modified Files
Create a &Complete Backup of /etc/sysconfig
Remove &Old Backups from the Backup Directory
<p>To avoid any loss of information during update,
create a <b>backup</b> prior to updating.</p>
<p><b>Warning:</b> This will not be a complete
backup. Only modified files will be saved.</p>
<p>Select the desired options.</p>
<p><b>Create a Backup of Modified Files:</b>
Stores only those modified files that will be replaced during update.</p>
<p><b>Create a Complete Backup of
/etc/sysconfig:</b> This covers all configuration files that are part of the
sysconfig mechanism, even those that will not be replaced.</p>
<p><b>Remove Old Backups from the Backup
Directory:</b> If your current system already is the result of an earlier
update, there may be old configuration file backups. Select this option to
remove them.</p>
<p>All backups are placed in %1.</p>
Invalid backup path.
Minimum disk space of %1 MB required.
Packages to Update: %1