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Install Hypervisor and Tools
Configuring the virtual machine...
Running in text mode. Install graphical components anyway?
x86_64 is the only supported architecture for hosting virtual machines. Your architecture is
Virtual machine installation cannot be started inside the UML machine.
Start installation in the host system.
Verify Installed Packages
Network Bridge Configuration
Configuring the VM Server (domain 0)
<p><big><b>VM Server Configuration</b></big></p><p>Configuration of the VM Server (domain 0) has two parts.</p>
<p>The required packages are installed into the system first. Then the boot loader is switched to GRUB (if not already used) and the Xen section is added to the boot loader menu if it is missing.</p>
<p>GRUB is needed because it supports the multiboot standard required to boot Xen and the Linux kernel.</p>
<p>When the configuration has finished successfully, you can boot the VM Server from the boot loader menu.</p>
The installation will be aborted.
Checking packages...
Installing packages...
Cannot install required packages.
Updating grub2 configuration files...
Configuring Default Network Bridge...
NetworkManager is being used. Bridge configuration must be done manually.
Network Bridge.